Easy Heart Pillow

To start out, cut out two same size heart shaped pieces. The size is up to you depending on how big you want the pillow. Next turn the pieces inside out and make dotted lines all the way around about 1/2 inch from the edge forming a heart shape. Then place pins (about 6) around the fabric to hold it in place.

Get out your needle and thread. Place the thread through the needle. Cutting around 24". You will pull the thread through and balance it out on both sides and knot the end. Then you will start a basic sewing pattern by pushing your needle through and coming back up and over. You will repeat this pattern until you come about two inches to the finish. Take out the pins as you go along. 

You want to make a knot in the fabric with the needle and thread so that the thread does not unravel. You just do an in and out loop about thre or four times in the same place. Next you will turn your fabric inside out, and stuff with pillow stuffing. You want to fill it to your liking. You can stuff it how much or how little you like.

Now you will take some more thread and put it through the needle. Knot the end. Pull the fabric together where the whole is and place the needle through on the inside and pull tight. You will then make an in out sewing pattern until you close the pillow. When you get to the end you will make a knot with the needle in the fabric to ensure that it stays closed. You will see the thread if you sew the top. You can sew to make sure the thread stays hidden by starting in the inside of the fabric and continuing to sew from the inside.

Items needed


Needle and thread


Fabric pen




This is a basic sew that could easily be done on a sewing machine. This is to help young ones learn the basics. When sewing the pillow, you might need to re-thread the needle a couple of times. Always making sure a knot is put in where the thread will be cut off to start a new thread. This will most likely require adult supervision to ensure the children do not get hurt by the needle or pins.